8 Hottest Artists to Watch (February 2023)

GM, Gorgeous Malaysians out there!

We continue to feature the best local talents with the next installment of our '8 Hottest Artists to Watch' list for February 2023!
*the list is not sorted in any particular order

1. Nero One
The Wizard of Web3 personified. Nero One is surely to tickle your fancy if you're into all-things onchain; from abstract generative art, to text-based interactive nft, to cute little dinos, he's code them all. He's in for loads more onchain experiments, surely so be sure to follow the man!

2. Qay Marha
We'll be honest, we've missed the guy entirely before his mindblowing estimated 800k's worth of Open Edition sale, but boy now our eyes are opened wide! Qay draws inspiration from Japanese-themed fantastical worlds drawn in his crisp, intricate lineart that is marvelous to behold. 

The UNST Collective artist creates sneaker-inspired, liquid-like abstract visuals that is stylish, iconic, and aesthetically attractive. Would surely pop up in your gallery wall or virtual exhibition space! He's building up his reputation points, so definitely a talent you wanna keep your eyes on!

4. Huxterized
Hux is an imaginative photographer who captures beautiful, spots in the wildness of the concrete jungle; searching far and wide for geometric wonders, beautiful facades, and cheeky coincidences that creates for his various minimalistic, but at the same time captivating photographs.

5. Juntdoe
Juntdoe is synonymous with red. And we mean RED. His visuals are drawn with strong black lines and rather free-flowing crosshatchings - all on top of his strong narrative and concepts that he never fail to bring onto the canvas.


6. Cybernerdbaby
The AR/VR-obsessed duo continues to innovate with their various intriguing AR applications for Spark AR, from digital portals to face changeovers, bridging the physical and digital realms together! More recently Cybernerdbaby is involved in enhancing real-life experiences with their OVR metaverse AR installations. A must follow!

7. Amir Rozali
Amir is recognized by his iconic travelling skeleton that roams the world of the living, playing with the boundaries of the living and the dead. His earthy tones, and beautiful use of light and atmosphere creates a very nostalgic vibe that fits his themes.

8. Nymea
Nymea is like a beautiful expressive butterfly that flutters her artistic wings enchanting the audience with her magical and wondrous paintings. Not only she is a one-of-a-kind talent, she is also a strong community member in her noble efforts to elevate her peers through work with UNST Collective!

Do check their superb portfolio out and give them a follow and fill up your day with more Malaysian-created art goodies.
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