8 Hottest Artists to Watch (March 2023)

GM, Gorgeous Malaysians out there!

It's time to celebrate the best Malaysian creators out there again! Here's our list of the 8 Hottest Artists to Watch for March 2023!
*the list is not sorted in any particular order

KREEPZ is known for her often whimsical, iconic visuals with its richness in colour-palette, paper-like texture and simplified yet effective forms with very minimal shadows. Creator of the KREEPY KREEPZ PFP collection.

2. Azyan
Azyan paints beautiful surrealistist illustrations of stunning females in various fantastical set-ups. Her work features gorgeous fashion-model-like ladies, enchanting blend of colours, interesting juxtaposition of visual elements and elegant compositions.

3. Dr.Robo7
Chaotic meets an energetic attitude. Dr.Robo7 combines raw graphics, an iconic mascot, a good sense of texturing, and an infinite pool of pure-unrestrained vibes.

4. Capik
Leave it to Capik to capture an ephemeral, sublime moment trapped in time; manifesting his haunting photographic eye that puts a different lense on an otherwise seemingly mundane occurence.

5. Indra Gondi
Indra's brand recognition lies in his start visual identity - a play of simple-shaped characters and elements made of quirky colours, abundantly rich crayon-like texturing, and an acute sense of silhouette - all working together to tell his profound little tales. Usually paired with a heart-touching poems too!


6. ZK
Thick, wet, emotive palette knife oil paint mixing resembling epic maelstroms is what comes to mind when one thinks of ZK. 

7. Letterrhythm
Letterrhythm breathes life into his elegant typographic creations filled with fine artistry and impeccable sense of composition and flow, bringing forth stunning word visuals worth in gold.

8. Sam Tsao
Sam is a big-brained creative coder who uses code to conduct visual elements that ends up creating a mesmerizing, raw dance of algorithms and visual artistry. There is something truly mindblowing about this kind of almost living, breathing organism emerging off lines of codes.

Do check their superb portfolio out and give them a follow and fill up your day with more Malaysian-created art goodies.
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