A year of NFT.MY (Our Journey Through 2022)

It's been a full year of NFT.MY leaving its mark in the Malaysian NFT landscape. This is a year of building, culminating in a running 0% sales fee marketplace, various Web3 related events, and a community of artisans and developers coming together. Here's a summary of the year's worth of milestones:

December 2021 marks the first anniversary of NFT Malaysia's launch. We started off with a basic marketplace on the Binance (BSC) network using BNB that also served as an aggregator for all Malaysian BNB NFTs.

In February 2022, we updated and redesigned our website to provide a more user-friendly experience for our users. We also introduced the collection function, allowing users to easily manage and organize their NFTs.

March 2022 saw the introduction of ERC 1155 contract or editions to our platform, providing more options and flexibility for NFT creators and collectors.

Come May 2022 we introduced the import smart contract function, allowing users to easily import their NFTs from other networks and platforms onto our platform.

In August 2022 we became one of the sponsors/ partners for the M1NTED event, Malaysia’s First NFT Conference. The event was attended by various NFT players - creators, collectors, investors & developers alike. It was filled with enriching talks, from Azuki, to KlimaDAO, to artists & community forum sessions - M1NTED covered all things NFT.

September 2022 marked a significant milestone for NFT Malaysia as we added a new function for creators to create their own smart contracts, allowing us to offer even more options and flexibility to our users.

October 2022 saw the introduction of our multichain platform, supporting both Binance and Ethereum networks. This allowed us to showcase the talents and projects of Malaysian creators on a global scale.

In November 2022 saw our contract being called to Opensea, a major global NFT marketplace, showing that our platform and methods are ready for the global market.

December 2022 saw us launching the Token Gate function on our platform, a Web3 enabled tool that lets event organizers token-gate their events. We also succeeded in launching the #DaruratNasional NFT Flood-Relief Campaign with partners MalaysiaNFT, NFXT, UNST Collective, KitaJaga.co, Filamen & Malaysian Red Crescent Society Community (MRCS). The campaign goal is to raise funds that will be channelled towards easing the burdens of the annual flood victims.

Throughout the year, we have continued to focus on empowering Malaysia's best NFT creators and projects, and we are excited to continue growing and evolving in the coming years. NFT Malaysia is proud to be a hub for the country's NFT community and we look forward to continuing to support and promote the talents and projects of Malaysian creators. Thank you for those who had been with us along the way, and hope you will keep walking alongside us on this journey next year!