#DaruratNasional Artist Feature - Ardacadabra

#DaruratNasional featuring Ardacadabra

Beautiful Disaster by Ardacadabra

"There is beauty in this disaster.
There are strangers with compassion.
Sacrificial unconditional love.
Little blessings brought to light.
Crossing paths,
creating bonds.
Spreadings seeds
and deeds of hope.
Falling back softly
onto the ground,
it tastes so sweet,
to realise that
there is beauty in this disaster."

Price : 0.01 BNB
Editions : 2022
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Who is Arda?

Healing Explosion

Arda Baha or also known as her moniker Ardacadabrahh is an independent self-taught artist who explores a plethora of mediums to produce vibrant pieces of art. She specialises in bright and wild abstract art which ranges from 2d and 3d digital art, traditional mixed media art and merchandising. The abstraction in her art expresses her personal emotional outpour from the depths of her heart and mind. The robustness of Arda’s art intends to promote positivity and confidence to express her individuality, despite the emotions that are involved in the creation of her art.As an ever-evolving creator, Arda spruces up her work and intention every now and then to quench her desire for creativity.

Arda's self-portrait 'Multifaceted Breed. Célfie.'

Usually formless and flowy in her execution, she uses everything from 3D sculpting to collaging in her creation process in an almost chaotic but charming splash of colours, lines and shapes delightfully dancing together in a psychedelic reverie.

 Two Sides of the Veil (In Motion)

Arda is a strong member of the NFXT collective, a live wire in various local artists communities, and one of the artists under the wings of the UNST Collective. She had been a part of various digital exhibitions involving DAG by Filamen, a local projection mapping gallery in KL. 



She was featured as a part of the Women of the World #WOTW exhibition at NFT_NYC this year, #BreakTheBias digital art exhibition for International Women’s Day at DAG by Filamen, and more recently, Digiverse Digital Art Fair at MoMo’s KL and The Art of Healing digital art exhibition at DAG by Filamen organised by myWIPhealing.

So far, she had spread her psychedelic vibes in Teia, OpenSea, Foundation, Pentas, and recently on FormFunction.

Never sober, Arda!


Come As You Are


Calm like water