#DaruratNasional Artist Feature - Wilson Ng

#DaruratNasional featuring Wilson Ng

HELP by Wilson Ng

“The help comes from each other as disasters won’t choose where and who to hit. ”

Price : 0.01 BNB
Editions : 2022
Exclusively on @nftmalaysia

Each NFT features art created by local artists, and 90% of the proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will be donated to relief efforts. Help us make a difference & contribute to the recovery of those affected by the floods by purchasing one of these limited edition NFTs.

Price : 0.01 BNB
Editions : 2022
Exclusively on NFT.MY

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Help us make a difference and contribute to the recovery of those affected by the floods by purchasing one of these limited edition NFTs.

Who is Wilson Ng?

2022 Reel

Wilson Ng is an esteemed artist whose work is a true reflection of his creativity and passion for the arts. Based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, Wilson has garnered a reputation as a multi-medium artist, with a diverse portfolio that includes murals, digital illustrations, and sculptures.

Wilson's work is characterized by a remarkable exploration of ideas, often employing a combination of digital and analog techniques to create pieces that possess a unique, clean, and clear form of style. He draws inspiration from a variety of sources, and this allows him to create art that is both captivating and thought-provoking.


Allianz Road Rangers mural at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock

His favorite creations include murals, digital illustrations, and sculptures, often made using mixed media techniques. His dedication to his craft and artistic vision is unparalleled and can be seen in his various vividly-coloured, intricately-illustrated murals for renowned brands such as Starbucks, Allianz, KFC, Tiger Beer and so much more, giving life to walls from his hometown in KK to the heart of KL.

In a cheeky way, his Instagram profile reads: ”Boring Wall” Enhancement Specialist - referring to his presence as a superb mural artist.

Various works compilation 2021

“Escape”(2022) - WWF Malaysia X Wilson Ng

Wilson is a recent entrant into the NFT scene, having been introduced to the technology by his peers. He views NFTs as a new frontier in art creation, providing an innovative way to distribute his work to a global audience. While he currently regards NFTs as a side gig, he is optimistic about the technology's future and its potential impact on the art world.

"Rewrite The Night," for Monkey Shoulder SEA

"Everyone Can Ball" for  BALL MOVEMENT for their LaLaport x Ball Movement 3x3 Tournament 2022


“Graffiti Toy”, for 1000 Tiny Artworks group show 2021

Space Jam- A New Legacy