NFT.MY Top 20 NFT Projects

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that represent ownership and authenticity of a unique item or piece of content. They are often used in the art, collectibles, and gaming industries. In Malaysia, the popularity of NFTs has grown in recent years, with a number of projects emerging in the country.

According to the data provided, the top 20 NFT projects in Malaysia have a combined volume traded in 2021 and 2022 of 11,771 ETH, 1,709 BNB, and 352,000 ADA, which is equivalent to a value of approximately RM 64.4 million. The projects are ranked by their percentage of the total volume traded, with 8sian leading the pack as the top local project contributing to 39.29% of the total volume traded for all Top 20 projects. Other notable projects in the Top 20 lineup includes Apes-R-Us, Global Citizen Club, Floppy, and Tiger Archives among other excellent ones.

It's worth noting that the data provided only covers the top 20 projects in Malaysia and does not represent the entire market for NFTs within the nation. The popularity and adoption of NFTs may vary across different sectors and industries. With that, let us celebrate the NFT.MY Top 20 Projects 2022! We hope to see more prominent local projects to expand their wings into the global NFT market.