Mitoworld x NFT.MY: An Epic Star Wars Day Celebration in the Metaverse

What is the Star Wars Day?

May the 4th, colloquially known as Star Wars Day, has become a cultural phenomenon celebrated by millions around the globe. It's a day dedicated to George Lucas's epic space opera franchise that has been an integral part of popular culture for over four decades. But what's the story behind May the 4th and how did it become an international event?

The play on words, "May the Fourth be with you," is a cheeky nod to the iconic Star Wars phrase, "May the Force be with you." Despite its widespread popularity today, this pun had humble beginnings. The first recorded use dates back to 1979, when Margaret Thatcher became the UK's first woman prime minister. Her political party placed a congratulatory advertisement in the London Evening News, stating, "May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations."

An play on the iconic "May the Force be with you" quote from the galactically popular franchise

However, it wasn't until the rise of social media and the Internet that Star Wars Day truly took off. Fans started connecting online, using the playful pun to share their love for the franchise. The concept snowballed, and what began as a grassroots movement soon caught the attention of Lucasfilm and Disney, who eventually embraced the fan-created holiday.

Since then, May the 4th has transformed into an annual celebration of all things Star Wars. It's a day where fans from different corners of the world engage in various activities to express their love for the franchise. Some people choose to host Star Wars-themed parties, while others marathon the movies or series. Cosplay also plays a large role in these festivities, with fans dressing as their favorite characters, from Jedi knights and Sith Lords to Wookies and droids.

Mitoworld x NFT.MY presents: Star Wars Day metaverse

In an exciting development for Star Wars enthusiasts, Mitoworld, a Malaysian-developed metaverse platform, and NFT.MY are coming together to celebrate Star Wars Day in a way that's never been done before - a celebration of the force in the metaverse. The two platforms have partnered to create a Star Wars-themed metaverse world on Mitoworld's propietry virtual world platform, offering a unique and immersive experience for fans across the globe.

The celebrations of the force also hits Twitter with a fun-filled, 1-hour long conversation about everything Star Wars amongst panelists Othniel (Co-Founder of Mitoworld), Joe (Co-Founder of Lydian Labs), Izealist (Creative Executive of NFT Malaysia), and Tyler (KaijuKingz Malaysian Lead), hosted by Gabby (Community Manager of Mitoworld).

If you missed it, you may still tune in to the recording of the conversation on Mitoworld's twitter!

The dedicated metaverse world is not just a digital space but an interactive universe designed to transport Star Wars fans into the heart of the galaxy far, far away.

One of the most thrilling features of this metaverse world is the extensive array of characters from both the Light and Dark sides of the Force. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with lifelike models of iconic figures, including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the lovable droid, R2-D2. But it's not all about the heroes. The metaverse also features key figures from the Dark side, including the menacing Emperor Palpatine and the unforgettable Darth Vader.

Geek out in Mitoworld's Star Wars Day metaverse space, Jedis and Siths out there!

But what would Star Wars be without its iconic vehicles? The metaverse world showcases a range of beloved spaceships and combat vehicles, from Han Solo’s lightning-fast Millennium Falcon to Darth Vader’s fearsome Tie Fighter. Visitors can marvel at the sheer scale of the Death Star and admire the agile design of the Rebel's X-Wing Starfighter. These models offer fans an up-close look at the technical details, a dream come true for any Star Wars aficionado.

For those seeking an even more hands-on experience, the metaverse world offers a host of interactive elements. Visitors can wield the legendary lightsabers, feel the power of laser blasters, and soar through the sky with jet thrusters. These virtual experiences offer an exhilarating taste of what it's like to be part of the Star Wars universe.

Mitoworld also offers fans the chance to win a MitoPro subscription through their special Star Wars Day Holocron Hunt! Do grab this chance to be eligible for the raffle entry at the end of the hunt.

A treasure hunt for a chance to win MitoPro subscription! Let the force guide you! Complete the in-game treasure hunt and join Mitoworld's discord to participate.

May the Fourth Be With You!

This collaboration between Mitoworld and NFT.MY marks a milestone in the celebration of Star Wars Day, pushing the boundaries of fandom and digital interaction. It's an invitation for fans to step into their favorite world, to interact with beloved characters and spaceships, and to create their own Star Wars story.

So, this May the 4th, don your Jedi robes or suit up in Sith armor, and get ready to explore the Star Wars universe like never before. Whether you're a lifelong fan or new to the franchise, this Star Wars metaverse world promises an unforgettable journey. May the Fourth be with you!