NFT.MY Favourite Artists 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we at NFT.MY are excited to celebrate the end of a year filled with ups and downs by showcasing some of the top artists and projects that have stood out to us. We've spent the past few months carefully selecting our favourite picks from the pool of glorious talents we have been fortunate enough to work with, and we can't wait to share them with you.

We're planning to release a series of lists featuring these top artists and projects, each one highlighting the unique and innovative work that has caught our attention this year.

NFT.MY Favourite Artists 2022 (in no particular order)

1. Red Hong Yi

Hong Yi is a Malaysian born artist and architectural designer better known by her moniker, 'Red'. She is known for using everyday objects and materials for her paintings and art installations to transform our understanding of objects and image-making, as an artist who 'paints without a paintbrush'.

She stormed the NFT scene with a TIME collaboration through their collection - TIMEPieces, and then via her own studio went off with a tremendously successful campaign titled 'Memebank' which traded a total of 227ETH (at the time of writing valuing USD$756659).

2. Ronald Ong

Malaysian visual artist Ronnald Ong creates surreal artworks, mainly composed of nature and animals. His conceptual and minimalistic style that transcends beyond the whimsical worlds and leaves you question the true form of reality. He is featured as the Splash Screen Artist for Photoshop 2019. Previously collaborated with coingecko & featured in BusinessTimes.

One of the few Malaysian NFT artist to be accepted to the premiere marketplace SuperRare & also one of the top-selling local NFT creator with over 100ETH (USD$300,000+) in total artwork value (according to

3. Katun

Katun, a popular graffiti artist based in Malaysia that has stretched his wings globally over the last couple of years. He has worked with renowned artists such as Chris Brown, Dua Lipa, Post Malone and has also worked with brands such as Vans, Marshall, Footlocker, KFC, Oppo and many more.

His maiden NFT release with SuperFarm was a massive success - making 127.6 ETH (USD$430,000+ ) in one day! He also went on to create Apes R Us, an iconic ape Profile Picture (PFP) NFT Project.

4. Mumu the Stan

MOON HMZ, who also goes by pseudonym ‘mumu the stan’, is a published author/illustrator, multidisciplinary artist and poet from Malaysia with a decade’s worth of experience in the creative industry and former Creative Team Lead at Hiredly.

An advocate for CleanNFTs and sociopolitical awareness in the NFT scene, she is also the founder of MalaysiaNFT, a member of the Malaysian art collective NFXT & an active community member of TEIA, a tezos blockchain platform.

Her NFT journey starts with a banger of a sale to none other than Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

5. Aku Napie

Aku Napie is a full-time visual artist who creates a variety of styles of artwork, including doodle, cartoon, and abstract. Napie has been creating indie comics since 2012 and has been doing doodle art since 2010. Napie's art is characterized by fine outlines with psychedelic color themes and is known for its unique, identifiable style with vivid colors, bold outlines, and funky themes.

Napie's art is influenced by Keith Haring and Jim Mahfood, among other doodle artists from around the world. Napie is also a full-time NFT artist and can be found on various platforms, including Binance, Ethereum, Tezos, Cardano, and Solana.

He was once featured on the front page of Opensea.

6. Mind Mechanic

Dr Jay Toor, or Mind Mechanic, is an artist based in Sabah, Malaysia with a purpose to explore the inner workings of the human psyche and the ways in which our thoughts and emotions shape our understanding of the world by creating digital art incorporating elements of abstraction and surrealism that reflects the beauty and intricacy of the human mind, to capture the intangible aspects and its relationship to the self.

He uses AI tools to create magnificent art pieces that reflects the human psyche. He is recently accepted to be an artist on SuperRare, making him only the fourth Malaysian to be selected to sell on the elite platform.

7. Michael Chuah

A graduate of the Central Academy of Art, Micheal Chuah, also known as C2V, devotes his efforts to the development of comic content, character and graphic design. His defining comic masterwork 'Gengkey' debuted in 2001, making its protagonist, Lowkey, Malaysia's first cartoon figurine.

He is the creator of many character-centric NFT collectible series such as "Kodekkusu Brothers", "ETHboy Story", "Nezumi no Mimi" & "Yuurei Neko Sama".


CYBERNERDBABY is Malaysian based artist duo who create in Augmented and Virtual reality. They are on a mission to design our vision of utopian future, based on forecasts of different futurologists, ongoing researches and current scientific prognosis.

One of the first in Asia to create installations in persistent AR which they strongly believe will become mainstream media technology in nearest future. They won runner up in Spark AR x Lenlist Contest under the "Accenture: Opportunities of the Future – visions of work, jobs and careers in the future" category through their interactive music machine called 'Cyber Vibraphone' and was awarded at Dubai's Museum of the Future.

9. Nymea

Nymea is a multidisciplinary artist graduated in Fine Art Studies based in Malaysia. Having a passion for philosophy, psychology & reading have helped her with her wits and writing alongside with her artworks.“Allow my lines and colours to tell you stories".

By the day, she is an teacher, but once night settles in she unleashes her creative juice on endless streams of amazing pieces that reflects her persona - an energetic, vibrant, imaginative spirit.

She was once a featured artist on Pentas, and then making it to Solana on the marketplace FormFunction in a mass exodus on Malaysian talents. Of course, true to her reputation and excellence, she made waves, selling her genesis, ‘Rebirth in Technicolor’ for 14.8 Sol and then continued to perform well, becoming one of Malaysia's best selling artist on Solana.

10. Wookie

Ronald Liew, or known by his alias Wookie works as an animator at Passion Republic Games Malaysia. He does intricate VR sculpts in Gravity Sketch & Quill. The result are stunningly-rendered, organic pieces featuring wacky eye-catching characters.

He is one of the local pioneers in the Cardano NFT scene - selling his sculpts on the marketplace, so far selling over 46,000 ADA (estimated to be about USD$57,040 in value).

We hope you'll enjoy our lists and find some new artists and projects to follow and support. Stay tuned for more updates and information leading up to the new year, and be sure to follow us on social media to stay in the loop. We can't wait to hear your thoughts and feedback on our favourite picks!