NFT.MY Top Voted Artists 2022

Earlier this year, we introduced a voting system that lets registered users vote for their favourite local NFT artist on our directory. To celebrate the end of 2022, we present to you-

NFT.MY's 10 Top Voted NFT Artist

10. Sanuri Zulkifli

Sanuri Zulkefli comes from the fine art background, being mostly a self-taught artist. His whimsicalness and attention to detail can be attributed to the many local folklore tales originating from storybooks his father gifted him in his childhood years. In Web3, he made his name on the Pentas marketplace, once picked as a featured artist on the platform.

9. Michael Chuah

A graduate of the Central Academy of Art, Micheal Chuah, also known as C2V, devotes his efforts to the development of comic content, character and graphic design. His defining comic masterwork 'Gengkey' debuted in 2001, making its protagonist, Lowkey, Malaysia's first cartoon figurine. He is the creator of many character-centric NFT collectible series such as "Kodekkusu Brothers", "ETHboy Story", "Nezumi no Mimi" & "Yuurei Neko Sama".

8. Arda Baha

Arda Baha or also known as her moniker Ardacadabrahh is an independent self-taught artist who explores a plethora of mediums to produce vibrant pieces of art. She specialises in bright and wild abstract art which ranges from 2d and 3d digital art, traditional mixed media art and merchandising.

She was featured as a part of the Women of the World #WOTW exhibition at NFT_NYC this year & #BreakTheBias digital art exhibition for International Women’s Day at DAG by Filamen, among other accomplishments.

7. Najshukor

Najshukor started playing with his dad’s camera at 18 years old. Since then, he knew that he wanted to become a photographer. He is most known for his mysterious black-and-white photography series titled Masa that centers around a mystifying, robed entity with a glowing moon-phase diagram on its head roaming through a desolate world - like a silent observer, perhaps mirroring Naj's inner psyche, basking in the tranquility of deep introspection.

Naj offers his enigmatic pieces on the FormFunction (Solana) platform.

6. Sue Anna Joe

SueAnna Joe started her artistic path through self-portrait photography before delving into other disciplines like painting and illustration. She started her Web3 journey on the first Malaysian NFT marketplace Pentas, making a Total Volume trade of 69.86 BNB, then on hopping to FormFunction on the Solana chain. What's mindblowing about her is the fact that she had minted a whopping 845 NFTs on BSC and Solana, offering everything from Abstract 1/1s to PFPs, to various collectibles - she's done it all! Talk about being prolific.

She made news when her masterwork 'Rusuk Emas' sold to top Pentas collector ab0ogee for a total of 22 BNB (back then converting to about RM50k in total)!

5. Jiwosophy

Jiwosophy is the body of work of aspiring Malaysian-based artist/illustrator, Shahril Majid, also known by his artist handle, Jiwo. His art is a potpourri of peculiar characters, whimsical colour combinations, organic abstract shapes and eccentric philosophies.

Some of his accomplishments in Web3 include: being one of the Malaysians featured in Crypto Art Week Asia 2021 & featured in Solana Miami & Bahamas 2022. He is a supporter of the Malaysian NFT scene, playing active roles in the community NFXT & NFT.MY.

4. Mumu the Stan

MOON HMZ, who also goes by pseudonym ‘mumu the stan’, is a published author/illustrator, multidisciplinary artist and poet from Malaysia with a decade’s worth of experience in the creative industry and former Creative Team Lead at Hiredly.

An advocate for CleanNFTs and sociopolitical awareness in the NFT scene, she is also the founder of MalaysiaNFT, a member of the Malaysian art collective NFXT & an active community member of TEIA, a tezos blockchain platform.

Her NFT journey starts with a banger of a sale to none other than Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.


Elegant, sophisticated design is what one think of gazing at SYARAWI's bountiful offering of marvellous art pieces, perhaps influenced by his experience as a practicing architect. Without exaggeration, his work reminds us of luxury furniture set pieces, with its quirky yet artistic design language, sublime application of materials and detailed polishings.

He embarks on his Web3 journey on the marketplace Pentas, building momentum with his collections of various tasteful digital appliances and articles, from SURPRISE EGG, to WATER BOTTLE, to COFFEE MACHINE - reaching peak velocity with his iconic MASKS collection.

2. Art:tech

Art:tech is a self-taught artist, designer, director, motion graphic designer and drummer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Nowadays, he thinks a lot about how the world works, questioning physical reality, understanding existence, and addressing those subjects through his work.

He is a rising star in the Solana NFT ecosystem, mainly running successful auctions in his Holaplex storefront. He quickly became one of the hottest Malaysian talent on Solana, now being a part of The URS as well as The Ministry of Art - 2 of the most prominent Solana art DAOs.

1. Fizah Rahim

Fizah is a Borneo born, internationally acclaimed artist and designer. Her work explores vibrant iridescent colours, minimal abstract and calm dreamscapes. She is a part of a collective duo called Machineast who has worked with international leading brands such as Apple, NIKE, IBM, Oppo, Samsung, Microsoft and many more.

Machineast is also the creator of the HiPakuPaku NFT collection on the ETH chain featuring the dripping duo Poku & Neku in absolutely stylish fashion apparels and accessories!


That wraps our 10 Top Voted Artists list for the year 2022!
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