Nicole "8sianmom" featured in NFT NOW's list of Asian Founders

The Web3 and NFT landscapes are inherently global in reach and its sense of community. With Asia's large population and rapid technological growth, the contributions of Asian founders play a crucial role in the development of this ecosystem, introducing a wealth of perspectives and ideas that fuel its growth and expansion. This influence is worth celebrating, especially during the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month, which acknowledges the accomplishments and contributions of the AAPI community.

In light of this, NFT NOW partnered with GoldenDao, the first decentralized initiative to promote AAPI solidarity through collaborative empowerment, to honor some of the most extraordinary Asian founders from the Web3 and NFT space in a feature.

Nicole is shortlisted as one of the 10 most prominent Web3 founders in Asia. Congratulations!

8sian is poised to champion the richness of Asian culture and female representation in the mostly male-dominated Web3 space

One such remarkable founder is Nicole Yap, or endearingly known as "8sianmom." Nicole is renowned for creating 8SIAN, a brand that champions Asia's as well as female representation in the Web3 world while encouraging Asians to take pride in their cultural heritage. As an entrepreneur, content creator, and advocate for Asian women, she has effectively balanced her roles as a mother and founder, inspiring countless individuals within her community.

When Nicole first delved into the Web3 landscape, she was dismayed to find a largely male-dominated sphere. She yearned for something that aligned with her identity as a strong Asian woman, leading her to create 8SIAN’s inaugural collection. This collection consists of 8,888 NFTs featuring Asian women, each intricately detailed to underscore their historical importance and diversity.

Nicole talks about her Web3 journey and 8sian in this short interview by Koi Tribe

Highest selling NFT from the 8sian Main Collection - "8SIAN Porcelain Lady" - at 11ETH (worth about RM67000 at the time of sale)

Since its inception, Nicole has built a robust community of holders worldwide. She has also collaborated with well-known web2 brands like Cider, Uniqlo, and Miss Universe Malaysia. Notably, in February 2023, 8SIAN became the first NFT collection to partner with Vogue Singapore for an immersive campaign and the launch of a giftable NFT set for Valentine’s Day.

VOGUE Singapore x 8sian "From Blockchain to Love Chain" campaign celebrating love in the metaverse


8sian x Uniqlo UT collaboration

Nicole’s work resonates far beyond the Web3 world. It serves as a beacon of empowerment for Asian women, illustrating how they can assert their identities in the new digital frontier. As we celebrate AAPI Month, we salute these trailblazers whose endeavors are reshaping the landscape of Web3 and NFTs. Their achievements underscore the vibrant diversity and potential of this exciting, emerging space.

Needless to say, we are huge fans of Nicole here at NFT Malaysia, and we'd like to heartfully congratulate her and will be rooting for her continued brilliance in the space and beyond.

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Royal Selangor x 8SIAN Jade Lady collaboration