Sanuri Zulkifli

Jembalang Dalam Hujan

Sanuri Zulkefli comes from the fine art background, being mostly self-taught. He had the self-assurance that he could follow in the footsteps successful artists before him, but not without diligently improving his skills, having been actively drawing since 2012. It would take him approximately a week to finish one of his extremely intricate pieces as he is only doing his art on a part-time basis. 

His art muse is shaped by great artists like Yusuf Gajah, Emilia Yusuf, Kim Jung Gi, James Jean and many more. His whimsicalness and attention to detail can be attributed to the many local folklore tales originating from storybooks his father gifted him in his childhood years.

In his journey he discovered that drawing is the best method of expressing the abstraction of human emotion as compared to writing (another method he enjoys as well). Within the many details of his work, each element holds a hidden meaning for the audience to discover, hidden in the midst of his floral motifs and delicate lines, inspired by the Malay-Nusantara culture.

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