Sue Anna Joe


SueAnna Joe started her artistic path through self-portrait photography, gaining a name and sought after for various film poster stints like Antoo Fighter, Benda Aneh Bernama Cinta - peaking when one of her photographs were used for the movie poster of local film Susuk which then on went to win the Best Poster award at the 21st Malaysian Film Festival way back in 2008.

Some of her other accolades also include Vida! Attitude Award 2004, Honorable Mention in the Special Digitally Enhanced pro category for International Photography Awards 2009, also First Place in the People: Self-Portrait pro category in the same award.

On the side, Sue Anna runs a podcast titled 'United Moms Club' where she discusses motherhood, children and everything in between with her co-host Maria Elena.

Oh Deer

She started her Web3 journey on the first Malaysian NFT marketplace Pentas, making a Total Volume trade of 69.86 BNB, then on hopping to FormFunction on the Solana chain. What's mindblowing about her is the fact that she had minted a whopping 845 NFTs on BSC and Solana, offering everything from Abstract 1/1s to PFPs, to various collectibles - she's done it all! Talk about being prolific.

She made news when her masterwork 'Rusuk Emas' sold to top Pentas collector ab0ogee for a total of 22 BNB (back then converting to about RM50k in total)!

Rusuk Emas