Pamela Tan

Pamela Poh Sin Tan is an architectural designer who creates her artwork through explorations of art, architecture and design. Her work aims to blur the boundaries between creative disciplines invoking ambiguity in her art. Through her craft, she seeks the subtle unseen and intends to unveil the unknown delights in various scales. She aspires to create pieces that embody layers of spatial and experiential narratives.

Pamela Poh Sin Tan obtained her Masters in Architecture RIBA Part 2 (MArch) from the University of Greenwich, UK. Her first year MArch studio project entitled “Mappa Mundi: A Map Maker’s Dream” was selected to be exhibited in London’s The Royal Academy of Arts’ Summer Exhibition 2015. She is the winner of the fifth and final cycle of the Tan Sri Chan Sau Lai Architecture Award in 2016. Recently, two of her projects, “Eden” and “Projection Kite”, won the Bronze and Merit awards respectively in the Design for Asia Award 2020 under the category of Environmental Design and, on 2021, “Eden” won best of the best for German Design Council- Iconic Award.