Malaysian NFT Artists

Fizah is a Borneo born, internationally acclaimed artist and designer. Her work explores vibrant iri Read More

Art:tech is a self-taught artist, designer, director, motion graphic designer and drummer from Kuala Read More

Elegant, sophisticated design is what one think of gazing at SYARAWI's bountiful offering of marvell Read More

MOON HMZ, who also goes by pseudonym ‘mumu the stan’, is a published author/illustrator, multidiscip Read More

Jiwosophy is the body of work of aspiring Malaysian-based artist/illustrator, Shahril Majid, also kn Read More

Sue Anna Joe started her artistic path through self-portrait photography, gaining a name and sought Read More

Najshukor started playing with her dad’s camera at 18 years old. Since then, she knew that she wante Read More

Arda Baha or also known as her moniker Ardacadabrahh is an independent self-taught artist who explor Read More

A graduate of the Central Academy of Art, Micheal Chuah, also known as C2V, devotes his efforts to t Read More

Sanuri Zulkefli comes from the fine art background, being mostly self-taught. He had the self-assura Read More

A Malaysian-based digital artist who loves exploring a range of different mediums including photogra Read More

Katun, a popular graffiti artist based in Malaysia that has stretched his wings globally over the la Read More

Mulo is a Malaysia based self taught artist, designer, from Johor Bahru. He had been working for cre Read More

Urban art pioneer Azhar Osman, or better known with his moniker, Orkibal, is an urban art pioneer in Read More

Multidisciplinary artist in pursuit of balance. Vuevossa/ Kapten Buehbossa was known as a bubbleolog Read More

Chong Yan Chuah (B. 1992, Malaysia) is a multidisciplinary artist currently working in Kuala Lumpur. Read More

Jihan Salleh, better known in the world of NFTs as Lakar Umbi, is an artist-musician. She is one par Read More

"Azarikh is a motion graphics designer. He specialises in 2D and 3D animation works. His body of wor Read More

Wayne Chu is a digital sculptor whose works balance between the mystical and the real, building on h Read More

Her work is dark and frequently melancholic, reflecting the artist’s internal struggles and her subj Read More

Malaysian visual artist Ronnald Ong creates surreal artworks, mainly composed of nature and animals. Read More

Hong Yi is a Malaysian born artist and architectural designer better known by her moniker, 'Red'. Sh Read More

CYBERNERDBABY is Malaysian based artist duo who create in Augmented and Virtual reality. They are on Read More

Afiq Asyraf is a Visual Development Artist for a Malaysian animation/ IP development studio. He does Read More

VISITHRA MANIKAM is a self-taught, emerging Malaysian female painter and photographer from Kuala Lum Read More

Luqu Chaos is a Hardstyle and Hard Dance music producer. His music style is distinct for the sound o Read More

Pamela Poh Sin Tan is an architectural designer who creates her artwork through explorations of art, Read More

Introducing the one and only Chow Hon Lam a.k.a Flying Mouse 365, the artistic genius taking Malaysi Read More

Nymea is a multidisciplinary artist graduated in Fine Art Studies based in Malaysia. Having a passio Read More

Mokhzani Ariff, or well reputed as his moniker, Oren is a household name when it comes to comic/illu Read More

Riharu Harun is an illustrator based in Kuala Lumpur whose middle name is 'Details'. Why, you ask Read More

monoloQue was born in 2004. The man himself, better known as loQue, was the founder of the well-know Read More

"Malaysian singer and songwriter, Namewee who recently caused controversy with his latest song, Frag Read More

"Kaiyi Wong aka Unrealitykai is a designer / digital artist who explores design possibilities in bot Read More

Zairul Puad, known as Thezairul, is a surreal visualiser who is a master of the art of photo-manipul Read More

Akuesyazwan is an ex-architect turn freelance artist, who is now venturing into NFT space as 1/1 NFT Read More

Regarded one of the most uncompromising and hard-hitting artists of his generation, Shafiq Nordin ta Read More

Yazid Kamal Baharin is a 37-year-old Malaysian has been touching people's hearts with his manga-styl Read More

TJ Foo is a concept artist in the games and entertainment industry for over 5 years. Past projects h Read More

Lurking within the abyss, a creature emerges in the world of humans, learning to understand and mimi Read More

Ronald Liew, or known by his alias Wookie works as an animator at Passion Republic Games Malaysia. H Read More

Rociel is known in the NFT space for her iconic traditional Japanese-style illustrations. She has so Read More

No-To-Scale* is an alternative Architecture and Design practice with works that respond to current i Read More

Kupeh is an veteran in the illustration scene here in Mlaysia, and infamously dubbed as a human fact Read More

Digital artist and NFT creator. A degree graduate from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. Ad design, nume Read More