Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of your platform?

We want to provide a system that make it easier for the community to buy and sell NFTs on BSC. Other than that:

  • 0% Marketplace fee
  • NFT aggregator (MY)
  • Mirrorsite (Backup)
  • Properties & Collections
  • and more to come

What crypto wallet can I use on

On desktop, you can use Metamask.

What blockchain does support?

Currently only supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

What is an Offer?

An Offer is an offer sent from buyers who are willing to buy an NFT with a price. It’s not mandatory, receivers or sellers can accept it, reject it, or just ignore it. The higher price you set, the higher chance that seller may accept your offer.

What is a Listing?

Listings are fixed price sale where you set a price at which your NFT is listed and others can purchase it. Minus the royalties is the total revenue you will get.

Can I cancel an Offer?

Yes. To cancel an Offer, you will find a cancel button on the item page. Your offer will be automatically canceled if someone else outbids you.

What is a Collection? How can I create a collection?

A collection is like a “container” for NFTs. You can create a collection here, then mint NFTs in this collection.

Can I move NFT between collections?

Yes. If you minted in the wrong collection by mistake, just unselect the NFT in the "Edit Collection" page and add it back again in the desired collection.

What is the minimum amount an NFT can be listed for?

An NFT needs to be listed for a minimum of 0.01 BNB

What fees do you charge?

You won't be charged other than gas fee when using our marketplace.

Are royalties paid to the artists?

Yes, we respects artists royalties and pays royalties on every transaction.

All other questions:

If you have any other questions please go to our Roadmap page.